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What Are Power Surges?

When a power surge occurs in your home or business it is usually the result of a temporary boost (or spike) in electricity through the power lines. Just a slight boost in electrical current, even for a fraction of a second, can be detrimental to the integrity of any electronic device that is connected to the system.

Electronic devices that can be affected by a power surge can include just about anything, from your computer and fax machine to your microwave and TV. Because of the sensitive nature of computer chips and wiring in many of today’s innovative electronic products, these temporary increases in voltage can put many of them at risk.

What causes a power surge?

Freezers, compressors, and other household electronics that require a significant volume of electricity when they initially start up can cause power surges. The initial draw of current produces a slight surge within your circuitry that can impact anything powered through your electric panel. Other power surge causes may include:

  • Defective electrical wiring
  • Downed power transmission lines
  • Lightning striking power lines
  • Component failure and transformer issues at a utility company

If you are experiencing power surges in your home or business, call our Abbotsford electricians at Premium Electric at 604-308-6195. We offer electrical safety inspection services and can assess your electrical system to determine and address the source of the surges.

Surge Protection Devices - Ratings

The International System of Units uses joules to rate how much energy a surge protector can absorb before it will fail. These surge protection devices are designed to transfer any excess energy to the grounding wire of your outlet. The higher the joule rating the more energy the surge protector can absorb.

Most surge protectors on the market will work fine on one outlet or for one electronic device such as a computer. There are also higher end surge protectors designed for use on telephone lines, data lines, TVs, and other sensitive areas at risk of a power surge.

Whole House Surge Protector – for Home or Business

Power spikes can wreak havoc on many of the electronic devices we depend on every day such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers. Every time you plug in a device to charge the unit, that unit becomes vulnerable to power surges. If you are experiencing electrical spikes, our Abbotsford electricians recommend power surge protection for the whole house or business.

We can install whole house power surge protection directly at your electrical panel, where electricity distribution occurs. Call Premium Electric today at 604-308-6195 for more information on protecting your home or business.