Premium Electric Team - Electrician Bios

Michael Speakman - Lead Electrician

Owner/Director, Lead Estimator
Project Manager (Commercial Electrical)

Headshot of Mike from Premium Electric, Abbotsford

Michael is a part of the Premium Electric directive. He is also our lead electrician, lead estimator and the project manager for our commercial sector overseeing our Premium Electric team. He and Tristan started the Premium Electric in 2014.

Michael completed his electrician apprenticeship through the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) and has been in the electrical trade industry since 2005. Certified by the FSR -B qualification and endorsed by the Red Seal Journeyman (RSJ) program, Michael’s vast professional experience ranges from commercial electrical projects to electrical services for institutional settings, like health care centres.

Tristan McAllan - Lead Electrician

Owner/Director, Service Manager

Headshot of Tristan from Premium Electric, Abbotsford

Tristan is also part of the Premium Electric directive. As a lead electrician, Tristan's work includes electrical service management and sales estimating, as well as the usual electrical installations and technician responsibilities.

His electrician apprenticeship was completed through the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV). Since 2002, Tristan has been running multiple electrical service departments and coordinated project and service technicians in different industries.

He is also certified with a FSR -B qualification and endorsed by the Red Seal Journeyman (RSJ) program.

Kayla Teneycke

Office Assistant and Bookkeeper

Headshot of Kayla from Premium Electric, Abbotsford

Kayla is employed as a bookkeeper/administrator with course studies from UFV. She has a professional background in the trades and has been with Premium Electric since early 2018.

Her valuable job is to organize the electrical team, complete all bookkeeping and clerical duties, as well as address all client requests. Kayla faces all challenges with expertise to ensure efficiency and competency in all her tasks and client interactions.

Vince Karlson

Electrical Service Foreman

Headshot of Vince Karson from Premium Electric, Abbotsford

Vince is our electrical service foreman. He completed his electrician studies through UFV, and has over 10 years of professional electrical experience. He started with Premium Electric back in 2015.

He is known for his friendly demeanor and helpful attitude towards our residential and commercial electrical clients, always making them feel at ease. He is confident and precise in his workmanship.

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