Electrician for Ceiling Fan Installation

Whether you need a kitchen ceiling fan installation, a bathroom ceiling fan, an attic ceiling fan, or an outdoor ceiling fan installed on your patio or under your deck, we can help. Our Abbotsford electricians can successfully install ceiling fans wherever you need them, even without existing wiring. We can run the ceiling fan wiring wherever it is needed!

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Ceiling fans are available in many styles and can be purchased with or with no light fixture. Premium Electric can install your new ceiling fan no matter what type and no matter where you need it installed, including:

  • Flush mount ceiling fan
  • Drop mount ceiling fan
  • Vaulted ceiling fan mount
  • Sloped ceiling fan mount
  • Outdoor ceiling fan

History of Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans first appeared in North America in the early 1860s and were powered by a stream of water in conjunction with a turbine to drive belts that eventually turned the fan blades. Thankfully, modern ceiling fans are electrical and are significantly more efficient at air movement than what preceded them. Get more detailed information on the history of ceiling fans here.

How Do Ceiling Fans Work?

Ceiling fans do not actually cool the air; they simply recirculate the air and help stabilize the overall climate of a room, a home, or a building. A ceiling fan installation can be very beneficial in improving the energy efficiency of a home. In summer and winter, they regulate air within the home and lessen the load on cooling and heating devices by evenly distributing air temperature.

Ceiling fans circulate heat down from the ceiling in winter, reducing energy consumption, and circulate cool air up from the floor in the summer, balancing your overall home climate levels. Some ceiling fans can also be remote control operated, making it easy to turn on or off the device from the comfort of your chair.

Can I Install a Ceiling Fan Myself?

DIY ceiling fan installations are possible but in most cases, they are a challenge for the homeowner, especially if it is a ceiling fan installation without existing wiring. They can also be quite heavy and cumbersome when trying to connect the wires. We recommend using a qualified electrician for ceiling fan installation in an older house, especially if the home requires electrical wiring upgrades.

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Premium Electric has performed many ceiling fan installations for clients throughout Abbotsford, Mission, Chilliwack and the Fraser Valley. Our Abbotsford electricians also provide electrical services to communities throughout the Lower Mainland of BC, including residential and industrial ceiling fan installations.

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