Circuit Breaker Upgrade and Replacement

How to Recognize Circuit Breaker Overload

Do your breakers constantly trip? Are they hot to touch? Are they on but not working?

Older breakers found in many homes may simply not keep up with today’s electrical demands. If you have fuses and your fuses are burning out on a regular basis then it may be time to replace your fuse with a circuit breaker.

Let Premium Electric help you keep up with the demand of your modern electrical devices. Our Abbotsford electricians can update your circuit breakers (or upgrade your electrical panel) to eliminate circuit breaker tripping, blowing fuses, and the possibility of a fire.

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The Advantages of Circuit Breaker Replacement

Updating and changing circuit breakers will lessen the potential for fire caused by breaker overload but there are many other advantages as well:

  • There’s less risk of electrical surges due to a tripped breaker that could potentially damage electronic devices.
  • A circuit breaker will minimize the potential for computer data loss when an electrical interruption occurs.
  • A consistent power supply maintains better connectivity with the outside world.
  • You can operate more electronic devices without breaker tripping or fuse burnouts.

Use A Professional Electrician

Every year our homes become more laden with electronic devices that require more electricity for charging or operating purposes. The function of a circuit breaker is to manage the flow of electricity to devices and appliances plugged in throughout your home. When there is too much draw on a breaker, it will inevitably trip.

Replacing a circuit breaker panel or installing new circuit breakers should only be done by a licensed electrician, a professional who understands the necessary electrical code requirements. Trying to save money by attempting circuit breaker replacement on your own can be dangerous.

Installing the wrong circuit breaker for your needs may not completely solve your breaker tripping or fuse burnout problems.

Improper circuit breaker installation can also pose a potential fire hazard and may cause electrical fluctuations that increase your risk of property damage or electrocution. Our Abbotsford electricians have the experience and skill required to determine if your circuit breaker is what is causing the problem, or if there is another concern with your wiring system that needs to be addressed.

Electrical Inspections by Premium Electric

The safety of your family and belongings are of paramount importance to Premium Electric!

We have experienced, licensed, and insured electricians that can offer a professional electrical inspection and provide an accurate assessment of your wiring and electrical system. Our service vans are also fully stocked so that we can service your needs immediately and ensure your circuit breaker panel is up to date and meets BC electrical code requirements.

Premium Electric in Abbotsford BC, services Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission, and Aldergrove, plus many other communities throughout the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland. We also offer 24-hour emergency electrical services.

If you need circuit breaker replacement or wish to have us conduct an electrical inspection for your breaker panel or wiring, please call our Abbotsford electricians at 604-308-6195, fill out our online Contact Form or send us an email.

We look forward to servicing your electrical needs.

Circuit Breaker Frequently Asked Questions

How is a circuit breaker different from a fuse?

When a fault is detected in an electrical circuit or there is an electrical overload, both are designed to trip and interrupt the electrical current. When fuses blow they must be replaced, whereas circuit breakers are easier to use since they just need to be reset. When either one blows it indicates that there is a problem in the electrical circuit that should be sourced and immediately addressed. Caution, the electricity behind a circuit breaker is dangerously high so never remove the circuit breaker cover.

How do I reset my circuit breaker?

When a circuit breaker has been tripped it will appear in the centre neutral position. To reset the circuit breaker, push it to the “off” position first and then push it over to the “on” position. Sometimes it may take several tries before the breaker will reset. If it refused to reset, call our Abbotsford electricians to have the circuit breaker replaced.

Why does my circuit breaker keep tripping?

If the demands on the electrical current exceed the circuit rating, your circuit break may keep tripping. It trips to avoid overloading the circuit and causing a fire. Do not ignore this warning. You must call an electrician and have the issue addressed as soon as possible.

Is it okay if my electrical panel is warm to touch or makes a buzzing sound?

This can occur in some older homes where the electrical panel is not equipped to handle the demand of today’s modern electrical devices. If this happens, we highly recommend you call our Abbotsford electricians to assess the problem. It may be time for an electrical panel upgrade.