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Premium Electric’s electrical home inspection by fully licensed and certified Abbotsford electricians provides a detailed examination of your home’s entire electrical system. This ensures that all wires and components meet legal safety standards and that your home is safe for you and your family.

Does your current home or the new home you dream of buying meet legal safety requirements? In British Columbia and Canada the Safety Standards Act applies to anyone who installs, alters, maintains or operates electrical equipment. The Canadian Electrical Code sets the standards for electrical work in the country with BC Amendments to the code applying to our province.

As fully licensed Mission and Abbotsford electricians, we will not only do a thorough inspection but also provide a detailed report highlighting areas in need of immediate attention, recommendations for improvements in the future and potential electrical upgrade options to help cut your electric bill. We also provide many other electrical services to help you remedy whatever shows up in the inspection report.

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Benefits of BC Electrical Safety Inspection

The overall purpose of a whole house electrical safety inspection is to ensure that all electrical components in your home are in safe operation.

An inspection can pinpoint areas in electrical wiring and components that are unsafe and need correcting. This may include:

  • Oversized fuses
  • Electrical components that may have naturally deteriorated over time
  • Outdated aluminum or knob and tube wiring
  • Or even mistakes made by previous contractors and DIY homeowners

Identifying these electrical issues now can allow for correction and prevent fire and safety hazards for you and your family down the road.

Electrical safety inspections can also help you save energy and reduce the costs of your electrical bill each month. An electrical inspection by our licensed BC electricians may also help lower your premiums with your Insurance Company.

Finally, an electrical inspection provides homeowners with the peace of mind that their home is safe and not at risk for electrical house fires. There is no price tag you can put on the safety of your home and family.

When Do I Need a Home Electrical Safety Inspection?

Many home buyers will get an electrical safety inspection prior to purchasing a new home to ensure that all the electrical wiring is safe and up to code. This helps eliminate unpleasant surprises down the road and if any electrical issues are found, your Realtor can likely work this into negotiations and your offer.

Some home insurance companies will even require electrical inspections prior to issuing a Home Insurance policy.

Electrical safety inspection for Landlords is also a good idea when new tenants move in, to ensure the property is safe. As a landlord in BC, you are required to replace or repair electrical systems as they wear out with age. Furthermore, electrical repairs performed by non-qualified relatives or friends are not only in violation of building codes and municipal law, but you could also be legally liable if a tenant or a guest is injured as a result. A rental property electrical safety inspection by a licensed electrician can reduce your risk of this.

As a current homeowner, it is also a good idea to get an electrical inspection when your home is more than 40 years old, if you plan to add a new appliance, or if you have just completed a major renovation project.

Basic Home Electrical Safety Inspection Checklist

An electrical safety inspection by our Premium Electric Abbotsford electricians includes:

  • Electrical wiring and components inspection
  • Aluminum wiring and knob and tube wiring checks
  • Checks for proper adherence to current Canadian Electrical Code in BC
  • Proper light bulb wattage checks
  • Switch and wall outlet inspection for operation and condition
  • Shock or electrocution hazard checks around the home
  • Arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs) verification
  • Safety and security lighting checks
  • Surge protection validation
  • Grounding systems confirmation
  • Smoke detector testing
  • Electrical panel inspection (labels, amp, operation)
  • Outdoor electrical system(s) examination

At the end of our inspection one of our electricians will review the detailed report and if needed explain all the areas of your home’s electrical system needing attention. We will also point out areas that are perfectly safe but could be improved for efficiency.

Cost of Home Electrical Safety Inspection

A residential electrical safety inspection by Premium Electric’s Abbotsford or Mission electricians varies in price based on the size and age of your home, plus whether a gas safety inspection is also required. Call us at 604-308-6195 for a price estimate.

Safety Installations

Premium Electric provides safety installations to protect your home from potentially hazardous situations. These home electrical upgrades keep your family safe and can include:

  • Whole-home surge protection
  • Carbon monoxide CO2 alarms
  • Smoke detectors and alarms
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) outlets
  • Automatic lighting controls

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Our Abbotsford electricians service Abbotsford, Mission, Chilliwack, Aldergrove and other communities throughout the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland. Let us help you protect your home or rental property with a professional electrical safety inspection.

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