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The primary purpose of an exhaust fan installation is to circulate air through the different rooms of your home. Exhaust fans ventilate rooms and attics that have little or no ventilation. Depending on the room, the fan helps to prevent humidity from building up and helps to eliminate odours that may make a room feel uncomfortable.

Premium Electric can provide a professional exhaust fan installation for any room of your home, wherever it is required. We service communities throughout the Fraser Valley including Abbotsford, Chilliwack, and Mission BC.

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Benefits of Exhaust Fans in the Home

There are numerous benefits to installing an exhaust fan that you may not have considered. Exhaust fans help decrease humidity and create an environment that is less damaging to wood floors and furniture. For example:

  • Kitchen Exhaust Fan (hood fan installation)  helps ventilate cooking steam, excess moisture, heat, and odours from the kitchen
  • Bathroom Exhaust Fan – helps eliminate heat, odours, and humidity and helps to keep mirrors from fogging up
  • Attic Exhaust Fan (roof vent installation) – helps prevent attics from becoming too hot in summer and eliminates excess moisture
  • Garage Exhaust Fan – helps remove dangerous Co2 exhaust fumes and other toxic substances like paint thinner and gasoline fumes from garages
  • Ceiling Exhaust Fan – helps circulate the room air

Talk to our Abbotsford residential electricians if you also need a furnace, dryer, or fireplace exhaust fan installed. We also do ceiling fan installations.

As you can see, an exhaust fan installation can serve a variety of purposes, from removing airborne contaminants that could cause or inflame allergies, to eliminating toxic or otherwise unpleasant scents from specific areas in your home or garage. Exhaust fans also help to minimize warping and twisting of wooden furniture or flooring by removing surplus humidity.

Correct Exhaust Fan Installation

Proper installation of any exhaust fan is essential for the safety of your property and family. Not only does the electrical installation have to be wired correctly as per the building code, but proper ventilation is also of vital importance. Dampness in a home can cause mold, rot, and structural damage, which will depreciate the value of your home unless addressed early.

Our BC building codes specify that exhaust fan installations must include proper ventilation to the outside of a house or garage. Venting into an attic or space above a ceiling is not acceptable.

If your existing exhaust fan is not doing its job and does not remove odours and moisture as it should, your fan could be improperly installed, or the volume of air the fan moves may be insufficient for the size of the room it is intended to clear.

Contact our residential electricians if you suspect an incorrect exhaust fan installation.

Premium Electric Is Here to Help

If you have questions or concerns about contaminants or toxic fumes in your home, or if you need an exhaust fan installed, we can help. Our residential electricians are fully qualified and happy to discuss your needs with you. Ask us about our home electrical safety inspection services or our 24-hour emergency electrical services.

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