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At Premium Electric, we provide professional solar installation, as well as ongoing solar panel maintenance and repair services.

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Solar installation involves complex electrical systems and handling high-voltage components, which can be hazardous. Hiring a licensed Abbotsford electrician is essential to install solar panels safely, integrate them with your home’s electrical system, and protect your home and family.

​​Sometimes, integrating a solar system with your home requires upgrading your home’s electrical panel or wiring for safe and efficient operation. At Premium Electric, our electricians are experienced in solar panel installation and maintenance.

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Solar Parts & Components

Modern solar panels incorporate a range of components and require complex electrical setups. All solar panel parts must integrate seamlessly and function effectively for optimal performance and safety.

  • Solar Cells convert sunlight into electricity.
  • Inverters change DC electricity from solar cells into AC electricity used in homes.
  • Mounting Systems secure solar panels on roofs or other structures.
  • Batteries store excess electricity for use when there is no sunlight.
  • Charge Controllers protect batteries by regulating the flow of electricity.
  • Monitoring Systems track the performance and output of solar panels in real time.

Solar Panel Installation Electrical Requirements

Your solar installer knows what’s needed to power your solar panels correctly. Some solar systems come with extra features like battery storage. This could mean your home might need a few upgrades to handle everything safely.

If you want to learn more about getting your home ready for solar panels, check out our page on upgrading your electrical panel.

Solar installations usually include an inverter, which changes the solar power into electricity that your home can use. For big solar installation setups, a special electrical sub-panel might be added to help manage the power properly. It’s important to make sure your home’s electrical setup can safely support all these new electrical parts.

If you need more information or have concerns about setting up solar panels for your Fraser Valley or Vancouver home, please contact our solar energy electricians at 604-332-1339.

Choosing Your Solar Panel System

In British Columbia, a typical solar panel system produces approximately 1,004 kWh of electricity per kW of panels annually. This is derived from the annual average of equivalent full sunlight hours which is around 1,004 hours in the region​.

Rooftop Solar Installation

Rooftop panel installations make excellent use of otherwise unused space on the tops of homes. The lack of obstructions such as other buildings or trees can result in effective energy generation.

Rooftop solar systems can be integrated into both new constructions and existing structures, adding value to the property. They are designed to be low profile, blending in with the home’s architecture without requiring additional space.

Ground-Mounted Solar Installation

Ground-mounted solar installations are an alternative to rooftop solar systems. These are particularly suitable for areas like the Fraser Valley where space may not be a constraint. This type of installation involves setting up solar panels on frames or racks that are anchored into the ground.

After choosing the type and capacity of the solar panels you want:

  • Collect detailed information about the power output and space needed.
  • Record the chosen location for the solar panel setup.
  • Reach out to our electricians, who are certified solar installers, for professional installation.

Our solar panel installers can visit your BC property to determine if your existing electrical system is suitable for integrating the new solar setup. They will check if your current electrical system can support the solar setup.

Additionally, they will determine if you need any wiring or electrical panel upgrades to comply with current electrical standards and meet the demands of your solar system.

Local Solar Rebates & Incentives

British Columbia offers a range of local rebates and incentives that make installing solar panels more accessible and cost-effective.

BC Hydro Net Metering Program

This program allows residential and commercial property owners to generate their own electricity through solar panels. Excess energy can be sold back to the grid, providing financial credits on energy bills. This program offers up to $1,200 for solar power system installations.

PST Exemption

British Columbia offers a PST tax exemption on solar power systems. This includes the cost of solar photovoltaic panels, inverters, converters, and related installation materials. The PST tax exemption can result in significant savings on the upfront costs of installing solar panels.

Greener Homes Grant

With the Greener Homes Grant, the federal government provides up to $5,000 for making energy-efficient upgrades, including solar panel installations. This grant also includes up to $600 towards a home energy audit, which is a prerequisite for the rebate.

To learn more about the specific rebates and incentives available in your area, please reach out to your local municipality or visit BC Hydro's official website. They can provide detailed information on local programs and how you can benefit from these opportunities.

About Premium Electric

Premium Electric is here to address all your questions and concerns about solar installation, including information about solar panels, inverters, and necessary upgrades to your electrical system. For more detailed information, please visit our Electrical FAQs page.

Serving Abbotsford and the Fraser Valley - including Chilliwack, Maple Ridge, and Mission BC, Premium Electric is committed to excellence in providing electrical services. Our team of licensed electricians prioritizes safety, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Our solar installers are here to assist you in transitioning to sustainable solar energy, guiding you every step of the way.

For more information about solar installations, and to get a quote to discuss your solar energy needs, please contact us online or call us at 604-332-1339

We look forward to helping you with professional solar installation services.

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