Electrician for Ballast Replacement

To ensure proper ballast installation and to avoid potential harm, we highly recommend hiring a ballast replacement electrician.

A ballast replacement in a kitchen light or other fixture will require rewiring. If you are uncomfortable working with electricity or unsure how to rewire your ballast light fixture properly then it’s best to let our commercial or residential electrician do it for you.

If your fluorescent light fixtures are old, buzzing, flickering, or simply not working, then talk to us if you need to replace your ballasts or consider a  lighting upgrade for your home or business.

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What Are Light Ballasts?

Light ballasts are located inside fluorescent light fixtures that are commonly used in homes, offices, warehouses, large department stores, etc. The purpose of the fluorescent light tube ballast is to regulate the electrical current flowing through the fluorescent lights.

Electricity flowing through the mercury vapour gas inside the fluorescent light tube excites the mercury and causes it to give off ultraviolet light, which is what illuminates the light fixture. Too much current flowing through the light tube at once could cause the light to fail.

Fluorescent light ballasts provide resistance, which limits the flow of electricity through the fluorescent tube, allowing the fixture to light up by delivering just the right amount of current.

Ballast Types

There are two primary types of ballast replacements we perform here in BC:

  1. Magnetic Ballast Replacement (electric current is controlled by a transformer)
  2. Electronic Ballast Replacement (current is regulated by electronic circuitry)
    Electronic ballasts operate at a higher frequency and are less prone to humming.

An electrician can help you decide what type of ballast you have and what type should be used for the replacement. Most newer ballasts are now rapid start ballasts but you may want to replace a magnetic ballast with an electronic one.

When To Call A Ballast Replacement Electrician

  • You hear a humming sound coming from your fluorescent light
  • Your fluorescent light tube flickers, even if replaced
  • Your fluorescent light bulbs do not light up at all when the switch is turned on
  • Your fluorescent bulbs steadily dim when turning them off or on

DIY Ballast Replacement?

If you decide to try DIY ballast replacement you must be confident when working with ballast wiring.

Replacing a ballast light fixture will require that you cut off the old electrical ballast wires and rewire the ballast once you have it installed in the fluorescent light fixture. Sometimes this can be challenging as not all of the old wires in older light fixtures will have the same colour coding as the new wires in the replacement ballast.

Our Abbotsford electricians at Premium Electric service clients throughout the Fraser Valley including in Chilliwack, Sardis, Mission, and Aldergrove. In fact, if you live anywhere within the Vancouver Lower Mainland you can give us a call any time at 604-308-6195 and we’ll be glad to replace your ballasts for you.

We use Volt-Ohm meters to determine exactly which ballast wires need to be hooked up to the correct wires inside the light fixture. We also do commercial and residential electrical wiring upgrades.

Premium Electric Ballast Replacement

Premium Electric has licensed and certified commercial and residential electricians on staff and can easily make a ballast replacement for you. Our highly skilled and personable Abbotsford electricians have more than 30 years of combined industry experience and are capable of doing fluorescent light ballast replacement in your home, your office, store, warehouse, or your commercial or industrial complex.

When hiring an electrician, safety has to be the number one priority!

Premium Electric only purchases CSA-approved, high-quality lighting products, including ballast replacement parts, from the most reputable local electrical suppliers. For more information on ballasts, see this BC Hydro article entitled, What's the Big Deal About Ballasts?

Since 2014, we've been servicing commercial and residential clients across the entire Fraser Valley area as well as in communities within Vancouver Lower Mainland like Surrey BC.

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