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In our electrical contractor blog, our electricians at Premium Electric offer helpful articles and advice
for both homeowners and commercial clients. You’ll find unique electrical blog posts that cover a wide range of topics
including home electrical safety tips, electrical FAQs, common electrical problems, generators,
and electrical upgrades for wiring, lighting, circuit breakers, outlets, and more.

EV Charger Installation – What to Expect

Many BC homeowners are wondering about the EV charger installation at home as electric vehicles (EVs) become more prevalent. In fact, BC leads the way in going electric. Having an EV charger at home saves you from the hassle of searching for public chargers and ensures your vehicle is always charged and ready to go….


Turn Off the Lights – How It Benefits You & the Environment

Does it save electricity to turn off the lights? Will turning off the lights help us lower our carbon footprint? Many people are now making a conscious effort to minimize waste, reduce single-use products, and reuse or recycle. In most homes you’ll even find energy-efficient appliances. In our brightly lit lives, the simple act of…


Kitchen Lighting Ideas from An Electrician

Different light fixtures can transform your kitchen from just a cooking space to the heart of your home, especially with the right kitchen lighting ideas. Are you thinking about completing some lighting upgrades for your kitchen? These kitchen lighting tips can bring a cozy ambiance to where you gather, cook, and create memories. Whether it’s…


Modern Home Interior Lighting Design

Often an overlooked aspect of home decor and interior design, home interior lighting plays a huge role in defining a home. Good indoor lighting does more than just help you see. It creates the perfect mood, adds style to your rooms, and can help you save on energy costs. Whether it’s a bustling commercial building…


Guide to Exterior Home Lighting

Installing exterior home lighting is more than just a functional aspect of your home. Exterior lighting is something that can enhance both the appearance and safety of your residence. While most homeowners focus on interior home lighting and especially kitchen lighting, outdoor home lighting is no less important. If you seek to improve the visibility…


EV Charging Station Installation Guide

We hope this EV charging station installation guide will answer many of your questions you may have about installing an EV home charging station. With the rise of electric vehicles (EVs), many Canadian homeowners are considering installing one. In this EV charging station installation guide, we’ll delve into the installation requirements and process. We’ll also…


Understanding Your Circuit Breaker Distribution Panel

Since we get so many questions on this topic, we feel a blog post dedicated to your circuit breaker distribution panel might be helpful. Your home’s circuit breaker control panel is like a superhero of your electrical system, quietly keeping your home safe from electrical problems. Whether you live in a house, an apartment, condo,…


What Is a Smart Thermostat?

Even if you’re not interested in a complete smart home system, the allure of an energy saving smart thermostat has even the most jaded of homeowners thinking twice. Smart technology has been a buzzword in the home improvement space for a few years now, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. If cutting…


Premium Electric Answers Your Electricity Questions

Electricity remains the silent force powering much of our activities but for the layperson, electricity questions abound. Electricity is integral to our daily routines. It starts from the moment we unplug our phones in the morning, flick on the lights, and brew our first cup of coffee. We continue to use electricity throughout the day…


Do Carbon Monoxide Detectors Expire?

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an invisible threat in our homes and workplaces, so it is essential that you know where to look for the carbon monoxide detector expiration date and what it means. CO detector alarms are designed to detect the presence of CO gas, helping prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. It alerts you by giving…

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