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At Premium Electric, our Abbotsford electricians will be regularly posting articles on electrical safety in the home to help you and your family stay safe while using electricity in and around your place of residence. You will also find articles on the do’s and don’ts in electrical safety and what to do in case of electrical emergencies. Awareness is one of the most important steps you should take to minimize the risk of electrical fires, as well as injuries, property loss, or fatalities due to electrical hazards.

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Recent Articles


7 Early Warning Signs of Tripping Electrical Breakers

Created August 31, 2017
If you are experiencing circuit breakers tripping frequently in your home or business then it may be a sign that the electrical load is too high on the circuit breaker. If each time you reset it the breaker keeps tripping, immediately stop trying to reset the breaker. Resetting electrical breakers that continually trip may cause a fire.



10 Electrical Safety Tips for Home

Created August 28, 2017
If you have young children at home, most likely you started electric baby proofing your home quite early. However, as your children start to get older, have you thought about how to teach your children about electrical safety and how to avoid potentially hazardous situations?


Checking Electrical Wiring in Older Homes

Created July 5th, 2017

Are you living in an older home? If so, have you ever had anyone do an electrical wiring safety check?



ABC Rated Fire Extinguisher for Electrical Fires

Created June 30th, 2017
Every home should have a smoke alarm on every floor of the house. As well, having the proper home safety fire extinguishers on hand can protect you and your home should you have a small electrical fire.



Why Is My Electrical Outlet Not Working?

Created June 22nd, 2017
Whether your electrical outlet is located outside, or inside in the kitchen or bathroom, there can be many reasons why your electrical outlet is not working. In some cases, the electrical outlet may not be working even if your breaker is not tripped.




5 Things You Need to Do in an Electrical Emergency

Created April 6th, 2017

What to Do If You Smell Burning or See Smoke

Everyone has a different idea about of what constitutes an electrical emergency. While having no power or lights might be an inconvenience for some, an electrical emergency such as an electrical fire, will generally involve either the smell of something burning or visible smoke or fire.





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