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In our electrical contractor blog, our electricians at Premium Electric offer helpful articles and advice
for both homeowners and commercial clients. You’ll find unique electrical blog posts that cover a wide range of topics
including home electrical safety tips, electrical FAQs, common electrical problems, generators,
and electrical upgrades for wiring, lighting, circuit breakers, outlets, and more.

Industrial & Commercial Electrical Services Explained

What’s the difference between commercial electrical services and residential services? A lot. Our team of electricians here at Premium Electric is highly experienced in working on both residential and commercial projects. However, there are huge differences when it comes to the electrical needs of industrial and commercial properties. Commercial and industrial projects require a significant…


Circuit Breaker Panel Sizes

There are several different circuit breaker panel sizes in use in Canada. The size of the breaker panel determines the amount of electrical current that it can safely distribute to the circuits in a building. Historically, the two most common circuit breaker panel sizes in Canada have been 100 amps and 200 amps but you’ll…


Why Do Light Bulbs Burn Out?

Light bulbs burn out for a variety of reasons, but the most common cause of a burnt out light bulb is simply the passage of time. All light bulbs have a rated lifespan, which is the amount of time they are expected to last under normal operating conditions. Once a light bulb reaches its rated…


What Does an Electrical Ground Wire Do?

Why Electrical Grounding Is Important Not all electrical connections have a ground wire. In this article, our electricians at Premium Electric will discuss what an electrical ground wire does, what it means to be grounded and why proper grounding is required. We promise to keep it simple and not get too technical.


Residential Electrical Troubleshooting

Whether you own a home or rent, at some point you might find yourself tempted to try residential electrical troubleshooting when a problem occurs. A word of caution. We cannot stress this enough. DO NOT fall into the trap of thinking you can fix a small (or even any) residential electrical problem yourself. Always hire…


Understanding Your Circuit Breaker Panel

Like most homeowners, you probably know where the circuit breaker panel in your home is. You know what the circuit breaker box looks like. You know the circuit breaker box is the first port of call when something electrical in your home trips. And you know how to check the circuit panel and flip the…


Different Types of Extension Cords

Contrary to popular belief, there are many different types of extension cords. Different applications may require different amperages so it’s good to have a basic understanding of how electrical cords differ and how they should be used.


Colour Code Wiring in Canada

Canada wiring colours, as regulated by the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC), are quite similar to the National Electrical Code (NEC) in the United States. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist – or an electrician – to know and understand, that the specific colouring of the electrical wires in your home means something. In…


Electrical Outlet Types

Types of Electrical Outlets In the Home The average North American home has over 75 electrical outlets and various types of outlets in use. A myriad of different types of electrical outlets are available, including 2-prong, 3-prong, GFCI, USB, AFCI, FBI, and CIA. (Okay, okay. We definitely made those last two up. Big Brother is…


Why Do I Hear an Electrical Buzzing Sound?

Do you hear an intermittent low-grade humming or electrical buzzing sound in your house? Are your electrical appliances emitting strange noises? Do your walls seem to be buzzing at you? No, you’re not going mad and most likely you don’t have hornets setting up home in your walls/sockets/ceiling fan. You could most likely have an electrical…

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