What Is a Smart Thermostat?

A smart phone showing the app readings for a smart thermostat.Even if you’re not interested in a complete smart home system, the allure of an energy saving smart thermostat has even the most jaded of homeowners thinking twice.

Smart technology has been a buzzword in the home improvement space for a few years now, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

If cutting down on your heating and cooling bill sounds appealing (and why wouldn’t it?) then a smart thermostat may be the energy-efficient upgrade you’re looking for. We’re going to break down how smart thermostats work, the benefits of installing one, and how to determine if this energy saving device is right for you.

How Do Smart Thermostats Work?

Like any other thermostat, a smart thermostat allows homeowners to control their HVAC system and regulate the heating and cooling of their homes. Unlike traditional thermostats, smart models can be controlled remotely from a mobile app as well as locally via the user-friendly touchscreen.

There are three basic components that make up this smart device:

  1. One that plugs into your HVAC system
  2. A thermostat control that communicates with #1
  3. And a thermostat app which is accessible from your mobile device

Optimizing Your Home’s Climate Control

One of the draws of smart thermostats is that they work to optimize your home’s climate control based on your habits, programming preferences, and even your location!

You can adjust temperatures automatically based on when you’re home and which rooms you spend the most time in.

These thermostats can also provide information and analytics to give insight into your energy use. This allows you to make energy-saving adjustments that can save you cash on your heating and cooling bills. Sounds like the complete package, right?

What You Will Need

There are a lot of different types of smart thermostats out there. No matter which system you decide is right for you, they all will require:

  • A WIFI connection
  • And a mobile device (for the app)

Most smart heating apps are free to download once you’ve purchased your new thermostat. Before deciding on a smart thermostat model, you’ll need to consider any other smart home devices you have. Ensure they are compatible with the model you’re looking at for seamless integration with your existing tech.

No smart home devices yet? Look at compatibility options anyway. You never know if you might decide to introduce more smart home upgrades in the future.

Finally, don’t forget to check with the manufacturer that your chosen smart thermostat will be compatible with your home’s HVAC system. This is especially important in older homes with older wiring and outdated electrical panels. Discuss the cost of any large-scale electrical upgrades that might be required with your electrician when deciding if this energy saving device is right for you.

What Are the Benefits of a Smart Thermostat?

Before making the switch, here are some of the benefits of that you should be aware of.

Advanced Climate Settings

One of the advantages of a smart thermostat is the smart home heating controls. If you purchase a learning model, your energy efficient thermostat will adapt to your schedule and lifestyle over time. It will then work to optimize the heating and cooling schedule for maximum comfort while you’re at home, and cost-saving modes for when you’re away.

Other models also offer advanced zone control for maximum comfort in the rooms you use the most. This is all in addition to settings that allow you to save energy while you’re on vacation but have the house ready and comfortable for your return.

The best part of it all is that smart thermostats are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, so you don’t need to worry about complicated programming.

Remote Control

Smart thermostat installation also comes with a remote control which is ideal for those with very busy schedules. Turn your heating and cooling on and off with a simple tap on your phone, whether you’re on the couch, in your car, or leaving the office after work.

The mobile app allows you complete control over your smart heating no matter where you are.

Forget to turn off the heat before leaving for vacation? No problem, you can set your system to ‘Away’ from the airport and have it ready again when you return. If you have an Internet connection, you can control your smart thermostat from anywhere in the world.

Energy Savings

The installation of a smart thermostat can save you approximately 20-25% on your heating and cooling costs. These devices help you save money with their ability to be managed remotely along with the smart learning features on select models that adjust energy use according to user behaviour.

These features mean that your HVAC system won’t run unnecessarily when no one is around. While the thermostat won’t by itself provide any magical cost savings, the reports and features allow you to use your heating and cooling more efficiently. After all, they say knowledge is power, and in this case it’s the power to save money!

Smart Thermostat Rebates

BC Hydro offers smart thermostat rebates, which is another great way to minimize your costs! FortisBC customers are also eligible for rebates on energy efficient products.

BC Hydro Power Smart logo          Fortis BC Energy at Work logo

Is A Smart Thermostat Right for You?

A smart heating system is a great investment if you have a busy schedule and plan to live in your current home for a while. A renter may not reap much of the benefits, but homeowners will appreciate the convenience and cost savings for years to come.

If you plan on upgrading to a smart thermostat, make sure to have it installed by a professional. A licensed and experienced electrical contractor can advise you on which energy saving device makes sense for your home and your lifestyle, while navigating the complicated wiring and unique demands of your home.

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