Kitchen Lighting Ideas from An Electrician

Different light fixtures can transform your kitchen from just a cooking space to the heart of your home, especially with the right kitchen lighting ideas.

Are you thinking about completing some lighting upgrades for your kitchen?

These kitchen lighting tips can bring a cozy ambiance to where you gather, cook, and create memories. Whether it’s a sunny morning breakfast or a warmly lit dinner party, the perfect kitchen lighting can set the mood and make every moment in your culinary space more special.

But you might wonder, “What types of lighting will be best for my kitchen” and “How do I choose the right kitchen light fixtures”? With so many options available, from under kitchen cabinet lights to pendant lighting over your kitchen island, this Premium Electric blog will help guide you through.

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How to Choose Kitchen Lighting Fixtures

Choosing lighting fixtures for the kitchen is about creating an atmosphere that complements your space and complements your daily life. Here’s a streamlined kitchen lighting guide to help you make informed decisions.

Assess Your Kitchen’s Lighting Needs

Start by evaluating the areas of your kitchen that need lighting the most, such as the countertops, sink, and island. Consider the tasks you perform in each area to determine the type of lighting required, whether it’s interior ambient lighting, task lighting, or accent lighting.

Consider Energy-Efficient Kitchen Lights

LED lights are highly recommended due to their energy efficiency, long lifespan, and various styles available. They’re suitable for all areas of the kitchen, from under-cabinet lighting to overhead lighting fixtures.

Select a Lighting Style that Complements Your Kitchen

Modern kitchen lighting fixtures tend to have clean lines and minimalist designs, which can help make a small kitchen feel larger and more open. Traditional styles, on the other hand, might feature more ornate designs and warm lighting to create a cozy atmosphere.

Invest in Quality Kitchen Light Fixtures

It’s worth it to buy quality kitchen lights because they last longer and are safer. Look for kitchen lights that meet safety standards, and they should feel sturdy, not cheap or flimsy.

Get Professional Light Installation

If you’re unsure about what kitchen light fixtures to choose or how to arrange them, consult with our professional electricians for lighting installations. We can install your kitchen lighting safely, effectively, and tailored to your home anywhere here in the Greater Vancouver area.

By using these kitchen lighting tips, you can make your kitchen bright and welcoming, making your home feel nicer and easier to use.

Now that you know how to pick the right lighting fixtures, let’s explore how to improve your kitchen island lighting.

A kitchen with white cabinets and a large island
Kitchen in luxury home with white cabinetry

Kitchen Lighting Ideas for Over the Kitchen Island

Installing lights over your kitchen island improves visibility for food preparation and cooking, adds style to your space, and makes your cooking area more versatile and inviting. Here are some helpful ideas for kitchen island lighting.

Kitchen Island Pendant Lights

Kitchen island pendant lights make cooking tasks easier and adds a cool look to your culinary workspace. These are kitchen lights that hang over the island. They’re great for when you’re chopping or mixing on the island because they shine light right where you need it.

Keep reading to learn more ideas for pendant lighting for your kitchen.

Recessed Kitchen Lighting Over the Island

Recessed lights give off lots of light without taking up space. These kitchen ceiling lights are tucked into the ceiling and shine down on key areas of the kitchen island or light up the entire island so you can see everything clearly.

A chandelier with glass drops


Turn your kitchen into a classy space and a statement piece for both light and style. Chandeliers are elaborate lights that can be a centerpiece above your island. They can serve as a focal point and as a conversation starter.

Kitchen Track Lighting

Track lights can change as your needs do. They’re a series of lights on a track that you can move around to point exactly where you want them. This is super handy for lighting up different parts of the island depending on what you’re doing.

Each of these kitchen island lighting options not only helps you see better but also makes your kitchen a nicer place to be, whether you’re cooking, eating, or just hanging out.

Next, let’s check out why under kitchen cabinet lighting is a must-have in modern kitchens.

A kitchen with dark cabinets and a sink

Under Kitchen Cabinet Lighting Ideas

Adding lights under your kitchen cupboards makes your countertops brighter and cooking easier, all while giving your kitchen a cool, modern look. Here’s some inspiration for putting kitchen lights under your kitchen cabinets.

LED Strip Lights

A small kitchen lighting idea is adding a modern glow with LED strip lights under the kitchen countertop edge. These are slim lights that go under the edge of the countertop or kitchen island and give off a soft light that can make your kitchen look modern. They’re great for mood lighting or just a little extra light without turning on all the kitchen lights.

Fluorescent Kitchen Lighting Fixtures

Fluorescent under cabinet lights are known for their bright, even light and energy efficiency. They’re available in slim, linear light fixtures for your kitchen that can be hidden under the cabinet lip, casting light directly onto the countertop without glare.

Recessed Puck Lights

For a sleek, minimalist look, recessed puck lights can be installed under the cabinet, flush with the surface. They provide focused pools of light on the countertop, ideal for highlighting specific areas of your culinary workspace.

Smart Under Kitchen Cabinet Lights

Smart LED lights can be controlled via a smartphone app or voice commands through home automation systems. They offer the flexibility to adjust the colour temperature and brightness, perfect for setting the mood or improving visibility for tasks. Some smart lights also feature timers and scheduling functions for added convenience.

All these kitchen lights have different perks, like making your kitchen brighter and easier to use, or just making it look nicer. Think about what your kitchen needs and what you like best.

In the next section, we provide pendant lighting ideas for your kitchen!

Ideas for Kitchen Pendant Lighting

A black and gold lamp

Pendant lighting brightens your kitchen space exactly where you need it. They hang from the ceiling, so they don’t take up any counter space, and you can find a style that fits your kitchen. Here are some ideas to get you thinking.

LED Kitchen Pendant Lights

LED bulbs offer bright, clear lighting while reducing your energy costs. They are available in a range of colour temperatures, from cool to warm, allowing you to match the light to your kitchen’s ambiance perfectly.

Dimmable Pendant Lights

Dimmable switches provide the flexibility to adjust the lighting level for cooking, dining, or entertaining. Installation of a compatible dimmer switch by our professional electricians is recommended.

Multi-Light Pendants

Ideal for providing ample illumination over kitchen islands or long countertops, these kitchen light fixtures ensure that light is evenly distributed across your kitchen countertop. It’s important to balance their spacing for a cohesive look.

Water-Resistant Pendant Lighting

Water-resistant kitchen light fixtures are essential for areas where exposure to steam or water splashes is common, especially near the sink. When selecting these, look for a pendant with an appropriate IP (Ingress Protection) rating to ensure durability and safety.

Mini Pendant Lighting

Compact and focused, mini pendant lights are suitable for smaller kitchens or specific areas like over the kitchen sink lighting. Grouping multiple mini pendant lights can create a stylish focal point while providing adequate kitchen lighting.

Now that you have some inspiration for kitchen pendant lighting, let’s move on to some ways to light up the area over your kitchen sink.

A kitchen with a countertop and stools

Over Kitchen Sink Lighting Ideas

Having the right light above the kitchen sink not only helps you see better when washing dishes or preparing food but can also make it look more inviting. This small change can make a big difference in both how you use your kitchen and how it feels to be in there.

Over-the-Sink Pendant Lights

Choose a stylish pendant light to hang above your sink. It focuses light on the sink area, making tasks easier. Think about what design would complement your kitchen’s style.

Recessed Kitchen Lighting

Recessed lights are built into the ceiling of your home. These circular kitchen light fixtures shine directly over your sink, keeping the area well-lit with a streamlined look.

Wall-Mounted Sconces

If you don’t have much space above your sink, consider wall sconces. Mounted on the wall, they can light up the sink area from both sides and add a decorative touch.

LED Cupboard Lights

Placing LED lights under the cupboard above your sink can softly light the area. This option is great for adding light without any visible kitchen light fixtures.

Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

Ideal for kitchens with low ceilings, flush mount kitchen lights attach flat against the ceiling. They provide good over kitchen sink lighting without it hanging down.

A track lighting with three lights

Kitchen Track Lighting

With kitchen track lighting, you can adjust each bulb to shine exactly where you need it. It’s versatile, shining light on the sink but also other areas of the kitchen.

These lighting ideas can help make your sink area brighter and your kitchen look nicer.

Keep reading to learn ways to add kitchen ceiling lights to your home kitchen.

A kitchen with a large table and chairs
Kitchen in luxury home with white cabinetry

Create Your Ideal Space with Kitchen Ceiling Lighting

Good kitchen ceiling lighting brightens the whole room, so you can see clearly whether you’re cooking, eating, or hanging out. Below are options for kitchen lighting fixtures for your ceiling.  

Recessed Kitchen Ceiling Lights

These kitchen light fixtures are installed into openings in the ceiling, creating a sleek look that blends seamlessly with the ceiling. They provide widespread light, making the whole kitchen bright without taking up space.

A black and white light fixture

Flush Mount Kitchen Ceiling Lights

These lights mount directly against the ceiling and are ideal for kitchens with lower ceilings. They come in various designs, from simple to ornate, to complement your kitchen’s style and provide ample light.

Pendant Ceiling Lights

These lights hang down from the ceiling on cords or chains, focusing light on specific areas such as dining tables or kitchen islands. Pendant ceiling lights are available in a wide range of styles, adding personality to your kitchen.

Kitchen Track Lighting

This flexible lighting option features a series of lights mounted on a continuous track. Each light can be adjusted to point in a different direction, allowing you to customize the lighting for various tasks or highlight architectural features.

We recommend talking to our professional electricians when adding new kitchen lights to make sure everything is safe and properly installed. Think about using Premium Electric’s electrical services to help with your lighting needs.

Bring Kitchen Lighting Ideas to Life

Wrapping up, the right kitchen lighting idea can change your kitchen, making it brighter and cozier. It’s about finding the perfect balance between style and practicality.

Whether you’re looking into kitchen island pendant lights or LED lights under your cabinets, each choice plays a big part in creating the kitchen of your dreams.

Don’t forget, installing new kitchen lights should be safe and meet all the Canadian safety standards.

If you’re thinking about updating your kitchen lighting, consider reaching out to Premium Electric. We can help make sure your kitchen not only looks amazing but is also lit safely and efficiently.

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