Guide to Exterior Home Lighting

A house with a large yard in the snowInstalling exterior home lighting is more than just a functional aspect of your home. Exterior lighting is something that can enhance both the appearance and safety of your residence.

While most homeowners focus on interior home lighting and especially kitchen lighting, outdoor home lighting is no less important.

If you seek to improve the visibility and security around your home, this exterior home lighting guide will be most helpful.

In the first part of our home lighting series, we will cover the various types and aspects of outdoor lighting.

You’ll learn how to choose the right type of exterior lighting to:

  • Complement your home’s style
  • Improve safety
  • Increase security
  • Remain energy efficient
  • And make for easier maintenance

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Light Your Home with Modern Exterior Home Lighting

Imagine coming home at night to a house that’s warmly lit up with soft pathway lights leading to the front door. You can see a gentle illumination highlighting the garden and a well-lit garage door entrance.

Outdoor lighting creates an inviting setting that offers functionality and added security after dark, but also added peace of mind for you and your family.

Added visibility and appeal is possible and affordable when you install modern exterior home lighting. No more bringing out your phone to use as a flashlight. This is especially important in Canadian winters, as most provinces typically see only about 6-9 hours of daylight each day.

Understanding Different Types of Exterior Lighting Fixtures

When it comes to lighting the outside of your home, there’s a wide range of exterior home lighting fixtures to choose from. Each outdoor lighting option serves a different purpose, and the right choice depends on your specific needs and the layout of your home.

Let’s explore the different available exterior lighting fixtures that can help you see your home more clearly.

Pathway Lights

Pathway lighting consists of small posts or lanterns placed along your home’s walkways, driveways, and garden paths. Use pathway lights to not only guide your way at night but also add a charming touch to your landscape and the approach to your front door.

Floodlight Lighting

Floodlights are perfect for heightened security and bringing light to larger outdoor areas like driveways and backyards. Floodlight lighting can be motion-activated, which is great for discouraging any intruders and lighting up areas only when needed.

Outdoor Wall Lights & Sconces

Mounted on exterior walls, these exterior home lighting fixtures provide ambient lighting and enhance the architectural details of your home. They are quite popular on modern homes and ideal for brightening up entryways, porches, and patios.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lights might include spotlights and well-lights. They are generally used to highlight specific features of your garden like trees, sculptures, or architectural elements. These exterior lighting fixtures can create dramatic effects and add depth to your outdoor spaces.

Deck Lighting & Outdoor Step Lights

Integrated into your outdoor steps or decking, these exterior home lighting fixtures provide safety by shining light on potential trip hazards. They add a cozy ambiance to your deck and stairs while helping to make them safer.

Exterior Pendant Lights & Hanging Light Fixtures

Outdoor hanging light fixtures and exterior pendant lights are often used to light covered outdoor areas like porches and gazebos. An overhead hanging lights offer a decorative touch as well as functional outdoor lighting.

Energy Efficient LED Exterior Home Lighting

Now that we know the types of exterior home lighting fixtures that are available, let’s explore the different types of lighting technology available to you.

LED technology has revolutionized how we light up our spaces, both interior and exterior. LED lights (Light Emitting Diode) are long-lasting, energy-efficient, full of brightness, and bring environmental benefits. This makes them an ideal choice for any outdoor lighting needs.

LED Exterior Lights Are More Energy Efficient

One of the biggest advantages of LED lights is their low energy use. They use much less electricity compared to traditional incandescent light bulbs, which means LED lights can save you money on your energy bills.

Longevity of LED Lights

LED lights also last a lot longer than traditional bulbs. This means you won’t have to replace them as often. This can save you on both time and money in the long run. The durability of these exterior home lights means you need to change them less often, which is great when access to exterior lighting fixtures can sometimes be more challenging.

LEDs Offer Bright & Consistent Outdoor Lighting

LED exterior lights provide bright and consistent lighting, which is a focus of your outdoor spaces. Whether you’re lighting up a pathway, a porch, or a garage, you can count on LED lights to provide clear visibility and a welcoming atmosphere.

LED Lighting is Environmentally Friendly

Since LED lights are energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan, they are a more environmentally friendly option. They reduce the amount of waste and energy consumption, which is beneficial for the planet.

LED Lighting Summary – We’ve explored how LED exterior home lighting lasts longer, is more energy efficient, and can save you time and money in the long run. What if we told you there’s also a way to also save time in the short run? 

Innovations in Smart Exterior Home Lighting

someone holding smart phoneSmart technology has transformed the way we use exterior lighting around our homes. In the world of home lighting, smart solutions offer convenience, efficiency, and control.

Remote Control Lighting & Automation

Smart exterior light fixtures can be controlled remotely via smartphone apps or integrated home lighting systems. This means you can turn your exterior lights on or off, adjust brightness, and even change their colours remotely, from anywhere.

Customizable Lighting Schedules

With smart lighting, you can set schedules for your exterior home lighting to automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn. You can also set specific times that suit your daily routine. This remote lighting feature is particularly useful for maintaining a well-lit home even when you’re away.

Smart Lights – Energy Management

Smart lights often include energy-saving features. They can adjust brightness based on the time of day or ambient light conditions, contributing to energy efficiency without compromising on functionality.

Voice Control Integration

Many smart lighting systems are compatible with voice-controlled assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. This allows for hands-free control, making it easier to manage your outdoor lighting without physical switches.

Easy Installation and Compatibility

Many smart lighting solutions are designed for easy installation and are compatible with existing lighting systems. This makes it simple to upgrade your exterior home lighting to a smart lighting setup.

As these technologies evolve, they will offer even more innovative ways to light up our homes. Let’s now discuss some design considerations for exterior lights. The fun part!

Design Considerations for Exterior Lighting

Modern exterior lighting is a functional element of your home’s design. Follow these tips to help pick outdoor lighting that lights up your space and makes your home look fantastic.

A house with lights on the outside

Match Your Home’s Style

Pick outdoor lights that look good with your house.

  • If your home is modern, go for simple and sleek lights.
  • If it’s more traditional, classic styles might work better.

Place Lights Thoughtfully

Where you put lights can really make a difference. Use them to show off the best parts of the outside of your house, like special architectural features.

Contact our electricians if you need help with lighting installation or choosing the right locations to create cool shadows and highlights.

Mix Beauty with Practicality

Your exterior home lighting should look good, but it also needs to light up the important areas properly, like your front door and walkways.

Use Different Types of Lights

Mix it up with different kinds of exterior lights. Some should light up the whole area (ambient), some for specific tasks (like lighting up your doorway), and others can be installing just for accenting.

Think About Smart Lighting

Smart lights can change brightness and even color. They’re easy to control and can be quite convenient.

Keep a Consistent Look

Make sure all your exterior home lighting fixtures look good together. They should match in style and color, fitting in with the overall look of your house and yard.

Lighting Design Summary – Use these tips as guidance when considering where to put exterior lights around your home. A usual spot where people put up modern outdoor lighting is in the soffit area.

Brighten Up Overhangs with Exterior Soffit Lighting

Soffit lighting involves installing outdoor lights in the soffit – that’s the area under the overhang of your roof. These lights point downward, casting a gentle glow on your home’s walls and highlighting the architecture of your home.

Exterior soffit lighting is a great way to add both style and function to the outside of your home.

Soffit Lighting Adds Curb Appeal

Soffit lights make your home look more inviting and stylish. At night, they give your home a warm, welcoming feel, and they can even make your house stand out in your neighbourhood.

Improves Safety

Besides looking good, these exterior home lighting fixtures also increase safety. They light up your exterior walls and entrances, making it easier to walk around at night without tripping over something.

Energy Efficient Options

Many soffit lights use LED bulbs, which are energy-efficient and long-lasting. This means they’re good for both your electricity bill and the environment.

Installing soffit lighting can be tricky since it involves electrical work and ladders. Reach out to Premium Electric and we’ll be able to get the job done safely and correctly.

Light Up Your Garage with Outdoor Lights

When it comes to exterior home lighting, the garage often gets overlooked. But with the right exterior garage lighting, you can bring it the same security and functionality.

Secure with Brightness

A well-lit garage can deter unwanted guests and make it safer for you when coming home at night. Consider floodlights with motion sensors that activate when they detect movement for added security and energy efficiency.

Style Meets Function

Choose garage lighting fixtures that complement the exterior of your home for a unified look. Wall sconces or overhead pendant lights can add a touch of elegance while providing the necessary illumination.

Practical Task Lighting

If you use your garage for projects or as a workspace, ensure you have bright, focused lights to assist with tasks. LED strip lighting under cabinets or above workbenches can provide this targeted illumination.

Exterior Garage Lighting Ideas

A simple and effective garage lighting idea is to install bright, overhead LED lights. For added functionality, you could include motion sensor lights that shine light as soon as you enter.

This is just an idea of what you can do with exterior home lighting to create a welcoming and secure environment for your garage area.

Keep reading below for more home lighting ideas.

Creative & Practical Outdoor Home Lighting Ideas

A light bulb from a wireLighting on the exterior of your home can transform its look and feel. Here are some creative and practical outdoor lighting ideas to keep you inspired.

Pathway Lights with a Twist

Instead of traditional pathway lights, consider installing recessed ground lights for a sleek, modern look. Or, for a whimsical touch, use solar-powered outdoor lights in different shapes or colours along walkways.

Dramatic Uplights

Use uplighting to add drama and emphasis to trees, sculptures, or your home’s architectural details. Placing lights at the base and angling them upward creates a bold and beautiful effect for areas you want to highlight.

String Lights for Ambiance

Hang string lights on your patio, deck, or garden for a cozy, inviting atmosphere. String lights are wonderful exterior home lighting options, perfect for entertaining or simply enjoying a quiet evening outside.

Accentuate Water Features

If you have a pond, fountain, or pool, underwater lighting can add a magical and elegant touch. Coloured lights can create an even more captivating look.

Step & Deck Lights

Integrate LED strip lights or small fixtures into steps and decking for safety and style. This not only helps prevent trips and falls but also adds a modern edge to your outdoor areas.

Motion-Sensor Lights for Practicality

Add motion-sensor lights to improve security and convenience. They’re great for lighting driveways, doorways and dark areas.

These ideas are just the beginning. We offer even more inspiration and practical advice in our upcoming blogs to light up your home’s exterior creatively and effectively.

Exterior Home Lighting Maintenance Tips

It’s important to keep your outside lights in good shape, especially with Abbotsford’s changing weather. By following these simple maintenance considerations, you can keep your exterior lights working well and looking great all year round.

1.      Clean Your Exterior Lights Regularly

Dust and dirt can make your lights dim. A simple clean-up now and then keeps them shining bright.

2.      Change Bulbs When Needed

Monitor the life span of your bulbs. Consistent bulb checks and timely replacements ensure uninterrupted lighting. This is especially important for hard-to-reach outdoor light fixtures.

3.      Choose Weather-Resistant Materials

Canada’s varied weather demands durable, weather-resistant materials for your exterior home lighting fixtures. Pick materials that can handle rain, snow, and sun.

4.      Be Ready for Weather Changes

Make sure your lights can handle both wet and cold conditions. This can help to avoid damage and extend the light’s performance.

5.      Check Electrical Components

Occasionally, you may need an electrician to take a look at the wires and connections to make sure everything’s still safe. This is especially important after a big storm and extreme weather.

6.      Get Professional Help

For complex exterior lighting and security systems, annual professional inspections by a qualified electrician are advisable. We can help identify any potential external lighting issues and make sure your systems comply with Canadian Safety Standards.

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