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Outdoor lighting offers many ways to illuminate and protect your home and surrounding property. From post and landscape lighting to stake lighting, stair lighting, and security floodlighting, there are many unique lighting products you can install to help you push back the night and create a warm, friendly, and inviting environment for family, friends, and visitors. We also provide clients with security camera wiring installations.

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Overview of Outdoor Security Lighting

Below are just a few benefits of installing outdoor lighting:

  • Shows off the beauty of your outdoor surroundings, structures, trees, and paths.
  • Saves money if motion-sensing lights and LED lights are installed.
  • Sheds light on obstructions at night creating a safe external environment.
  • Adds value to your property through improved appearance and appeal of your home.
  • Increases the usable outdoor space encompassing your home.
  • Acts as deterrents for would-be criminals.
  • Becomes a decorative feature adding warmth and colour to holidays and special family events.

See also, this BC Hydro PDF on installing Outdoor Lighting for Safety and Security.

Benefits of Motion Activated Sensor Outdoor Lighting

Activated through motion, sensor outdoor lighting will only turn on in the presence of movement around your home or property. They’re great for businesses also.

  • Motion Sensor Outdoor Lighting – Because they only come on when activatedmotion sensor lighting poses a moment of uncertainty for potential thieves. They may think that someone is in the house and has just turned on the lights. This is sometimes enough to deter them from further intrusion. Motion sensor outdoor lighting is also of great benefit to family members who arrive home after dark, shedding light on the sidewalk, path, or entrance to the home, without having to unlock and open the door first to turn on the lights.
  • Post Lighting – These can also benefit family members in the same way by lighting up a driveway or sidewalk, enabling them to safely park and enter the house without fear of tripping over something in the dark.
  • Motion Sensor Activated Floodlighting – This is also an economical way to bring light to a yard without breaking the budget. Because they only come on when activated, sensor outdoor lighting provides a very feasible way to illuminate larger areas of your property while keeping overall lighting costs to a minimum.
  • Deck Lighting – Install deck lighting to help prevent trips, falls, and injuries. Deck lighting also works beautifully to accent the features and prominence of your outside living space.
  • Step Lighting – Help keep your visitors and family safe, by helping them to navigate stairs that would otherwise be in the dark. They too act as accent pieces to the deck itself and their presence completes the overall ambiance of the yard.
  • Cove Lighting – Often comprised of strips with LED bulbs, cove lighting can be installed around swimming pools, architectural features, fountains, and as an accent around outdoor living areas.

No matter what type of outdoor lighting you may need for your property, security lighting can protect and enhance the value of your home while providing those around you with safe, comfortable access to your yard and surrounding area. We install security lighting on many of our new residential and commercial projects.

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