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If you need an electrician for new construction in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission, Aldergrove, or Langley, call our residential electrical contracting company, Premium Electric. We also service clients anywhere within the Vancouver Lower Mainland.

Premium Electric specializes in estimating residential new construction electrical costs and can help you with everything from residential electrical rough-in to new home electrical wiring, electrical panel installation, and even the placement of electrical outlets.

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Estimating New Construction Electrical

There are a lot of variables in determining the cost of wiring a new house. How large is the home? Is it a custom-built home or not? What modern electrical requirements are there? Even things like fluctuating market prices and the availability of electrical construction materials must be factored in.

While we are very good at residential electrical estimating, it’s never a one-size-fits-all situation. Our electrician for new construction can provide is an accurate electrical cost estimate that will fit your needs and your construction budget.

Electrical Rough-In Residential

Completion of the framing of the walls with exposed studs will be necessary before our electrician for new construction can begin the electrical rough-in. This will allow easy access for the electrical outlet rough in between wall studs and between the ceiling and floor joists.

From the kitchen electrical rough-in for the stove and dishwasher to the bathroom rough-in, recessed lighting, laundry room, and electrical panel rough-in, our new home construction electrical services will cover all the wiring necessary for your new home construction.

See this Government of BC page on Building or Renovating in BC.

New Home Electrical Wiring

Our Premium Electric residential electrical contractors have the knowledge, experience, and credentials to meet all new home construction electrical requirements.

All electrical work is completed in accordance with the Safety Standards General Regulation, the Safety Standards Act, the Electrical Safety Regulation, and the 2015 BC Electrical Code Changes.

Electrician for Electrical Panel Installation

Your new electrical panel (breaker panel) will serve several purposes:

  • This is where the incoming electricity is divided and sent out to all the secondary electrical circuits in the home
  • The breaker panel also includes a breaker (protective fuse) for each outgoing circuits

Our electrician for new construction can also do upgrades, which is common as today’s modern homes have greater electrical demands. On average, a minimum of 100 amp service is required for new home construction. Today’s modern homes need more power and may even require an installation of a 200 amp service.

Placement of Electrical Outlets

It is not uncommon for new home construction to also now include a home office. More and more people are working from home or running a home based business. This is important to keep in mind when deciding where to place electrical outlets and what type of electrical outlets you will need. We recommend installing GFCI outlets in your basement, your garage, and on the outside of your home.

Talk to Our Electrician for New Construction Projects

All new home construction electrical components will be CSA approved and electrical quotes are provided in detail with no hidden costs.

Owners Mike and Tristan have over 30 years of combined electrical experience working in the Greater Vancouver area. To learn more about our Fraser Valley residential electrical contracting company, visit the About Us page.

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