BC Safety Authority – Who They Are and What They Do

The BC Safety Authority (BCSA) — now known as Technical Safety BC — is a non-profit organization independent of the BC Government that ensures technical systems in the province are installed safely and operate within guidelines.

BC Safety Authority

The BC Safety Authority (Technical Safety BC) is also the electrical safety authority and issues certificates, technical licenses, and permits to individuals and companies, enabling them to perform specific technical work in the province in conjunction with the Safety Standards Act.

BCSA Jurisdictions

While Technical Safety BC regulations apply throughout BC for the installation and operation of specified equipment, the provincial government has also delegated management of electrical and/or gas administration to individual municipalities including:

  • The City of Burnaby
  • City of Kelowna
  • The Corporation of the District of Maple Ridge
  • The Corporation of the City of North Vancouver
  • The Corporation of the District of North Vancouver
  • City of Richmond
  • The Corporation of the City of Surrey
  • City of Vancouver
  • City of Victoria
  • The Corporation of the District of West Vancouver

Electrical Safety Services

Technical Safety BC oversees the Electrical Safety Services Program across British Columbia, conforming to the Electrical Safety Regulation and Safety Standards Act. In 2014 the BC Safety Authority employed the use of an electrical hazard map tool. The goal was to better their understanding of safety hazards.

Using an algorithm in their Resource Allocation Program, the BC Safety Authority can assess electrical permits of operation and prioritize the physical inspection and audit process involved with each installation.

Changes to BC Safety Authority Programs

As of September 20, 2017, the BC Safety Authority began the changeover to their new identity — Technical Safety BC — following consultation with industry stakeholders and clients. Along with these changes, there’s a shift towards creating an organization that is more data-driven, better reflects the changing landscape of how the Technical Safety BC now operates, and has improved efficiency while enhancing technical safety.

What Does the BC Safety Authority Mean for You?

Values under which the new Technical Safety BC operates are authenticity, simplicity, and accountability. For the homeowner, this means safe technical practices and procedures are followed for the certification, permitting, installation, and maintenance of electrical distribution systems throughout your home.

The Technical Safety BC responsibly regulates your neighbourhood, as well as the community, and the province. Research and monitoring methods are continually being improved and will continue to evolve as technology demands, and consumer electrical usage grows.

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About Premium Electric

Abbotsford’s Premium Electric is certified by Technical Safety BC — and through other municipalities in which we perform our electrical services.

We recommend hiring a qualified, certified electrician for any electrical installations or repairs for your business or your home. A regular home electrical safety inspection will ensure that your electrical systems are properly maintained.

Premium Electric provides a warranty and guarantee of safety and quality for all electrical work we perform.

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