Tips on Electrical Wiring for Home Office

The pandemic has forced many people to work remotely so it isn’t surprising that requests are coming in for help with electrical wiring for a home office.

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This is a trend that doesn’t seem to be waning. According to a 2020 Flex jobs survey on Remote Work Statistics:

  • 65% would like to work from home full-time after the pandemic.
  • The remaining 31% would like to work from home part-time after the pandemic.

In all, 96% of the survey respondents are wanting to work remotely in some capacity or another once the pandemic is over.

Solving Electrical Problems

Plato is credited as saying, “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

In essence, a problem or need inspires inquiring minds to find a creative way of solving the problem and fulfilling that need.

During the COVID lockdown, Canadians began to embrace the online shopping experience because in-store shopping had become so restricted.

Many were also forced to be creative and set up a home office so they could work remotely. That meant not only shopping for a home office desk with electrical outlets but also updating electrical wiring for the home office and finding creative ways of hiding electrical cords.

Home and Office Electrical Safety

When setting up a home office it’s important to also address the electrical safety of your home and office.

Without question, the electrical demands of your home office will warrant some attention. You may want to consider hiring an electrician for any of the following:

  • Dedicated Computer Circuit for the Home Office
  • Surge Protectors & Backup Power Supply
  • Upgrading Electrical Wiring & Adding Additional Outlets
  • Home Office Comfort
  • Hardwired Internet Connection
  • Electrical Panel Upgrade
  • Lighting Upgrade for the Home Office

Dedicated Computer Circuit

Your home office will have a lot of electrical devices that need to be plugged in. Unfortunately, in many older homes, all the outlets in a room may be on a single circuit. If you have outdated wiring, it may not be equipped to handle your modern electrical demands.

When circuits become overloaded your breakers will trip and if that happens, your sensitive electronic devices could be damaged and important data could be lost. This is something you definitely do not want to happen while you are working on your computer.

The solution is to hire an electrician who can help you with your home office electrical layout and install a dedicated computer circuit for your home office. This dedicated circuit will only power your computer and nothing else, so you never have to worry about it being overloaded or tripping your breaker while you are working.

Surge Protectors & Backup Power Supply

Thunderstorms, high winds, and winter blizzards can cause downed power lines and power outages. If you should experience a power surge or power outage, you can protect your computer and prevent data loss by installing a surge protector.

We also recommend making a backup power supply a priority for your home office. Talk to our electricians if you still have questions. To ensure that your home and home office are always operational, we also offer backup generator sales and service.

Upgrading Electrical Wiring & Additional Outlets

Most home offices are located in a spare bedroom or den that may not have enough electrical outlets to meet the demands of your home office. Don’t overload what few outlets you do have.

Computers, monitors, printers, desk lights, and any other electrical device you may use will all require their own power supply. Be sure to hire an electrician if you are wanting to add additional outlets or for upgrading electrical wiring for your home office.

Air Circulation & Home Office Comfort

Computers and other electronics generate a lot of heat. To keep them running efficiently and prevent overheating, you will need proper ventilation and air circulation. The more comfortable you are, the better your work output will be also, so it’s important to keep your home office comfortable.

Hire an electrician if you need additional heat in the winter, air conditioning in the summer, or creative ways to improve air circulation. Remember, plug in heaters and air conditioners draw a lot of power and could overload your electrical circuit so consult with an electrician first.

Hardwired Internet Connection

Wi-Fi has gotten a lot faster, and a lot better in recent years but it still isn’t consistent or as reliable as a hardwired Internet connection. For many, working from home will necessitate secure, uninterrupted, high-speed Internet access.

A hardwired Internet connection is highly recommended since it is more secure and faster than Wi-Fi and has far less latency issues.

Electrical Panel Upgrade

The electrical infrastructure of a newer home is designed to handle our modern electrical demands. Most have a 200-amp service. However, this isn’t the case with older homes where older wiring and circuits can easily be overloaded.

If you have an older home with a fuse box or only a 100-amp service, you may need to consider an electrical panel upgrade. Talk to our residential electrician if you have any questions about upgrading your electrical panel or upgrading your electrical wiring for the home office.

Lighting Upgrade

Lighting your home office may very well be your least priority but proper lighting is still important and can even affect productivity. Video conferencing is the new standard, so it is important to have good lighting while on video calls.

An electrician can also help you with options for ambient lighting and lighting specific areas of your workspace. Click here to learn more about lighting upgrades.

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