Journeyman Electrician vs Apprentice
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What is a Journeyman Electrician and how is it different from an Apprentice or Red Seal Ticketed Electrician?

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Inevitably, we all need to hire an electrician at some point in our lives and when we do, most of us have no idea what level of education the electrician might have had.

This post, on “What is a journeyman electrician?” will also offer a brief description of each of the three different levels of training electricians can complete in Canada including:

  • Apprentice Electrician
  • Journeyman Electrician (Certified)
  • Red Seal Ticketed Electrician

3 Levels of Training for An Electrician in Canada

Apprentice Electrician

As indicated by the name, an Apprentice Electrician is in training. The 4-year apprenticeship program includes both on-the-job training as well as in-class or online training. While on the job, an apprentice will always be supervised by a Certified Journeyman Electrician.

Journeyman Electrician

In Canada, to become certified as a Journeyman Electrician, the applicant must first complete the 4-year apprenticeship program plus 6,000+ hours of technical (and on-the-job)training, and all related exams. Once certified, the electrician can work independently in British Columbia, without supervision.

A certified Journeyman Electrician is qualified to work on all types of electrical systems. The work may include new electrical installations, electrical repairs and upgrades, and maintenance for both residential and commercial electrical systems.

They can also work independently as a self-employed electrical contractor or be hired as an employee with an organization or firm.

Red Seal Ticketed Electrician

A Red Seal Ticketed Electrician would have completed the 4-year apprenticeship program, the Journeyman Electrician requirements (6,000+ hours on-the-job training), plus passed their Red Seal Inter-Provincial (IP) Exam, which would allow them to work anywhere within Canada.

As a Red Seal Ticketed electrician they would now have the knowledge necessary to meet national standards, regardless of what province or territory they are working in.

Visit this Red Seal Program web page to learn more.

Hire A Certified Journeyman Electrician

When hiring an electrician, most people search online or find an electrician through word of mouth.

It is not uncommon however, for people to hire a handyman or a general contractor to also do electrical work. This can be dangerous and is not recommended.

By law, all electrical work must be completed by a licensed certified electrician.

Be smart and stay safe when it comes to electrical work. Always ask for credentials and confirm that the person you hire is indeed a certified journeyman electrician.

This is important because in the event of an electrical fire, most home insurance companies will not cover you if the fire was caused by electrical work completed by anyone other than a licensed electrician.

A licensed electrician not only has the training, equipment, and expertise to complete the electrical work safely, they are also fully insured for your protection and for their own protection.

About Premium Electric

Be safe and be smart when it comes to electricity!

Always hire a certified and fully insured journeyman electrician for all electrical work. This is the only way to ensure your safety and the safety of your family and home.

Our Premium Electric electricians are fully certified and experienced in both residential electrical and commercial electrical repairs and installations.

We service customers throughout the Greater Vancouver Regional District and the Fraser Valley, and all completed electrical work is fully insured and guaranteed.

When you need a certified journeyman electrician in SurreyPoco/ Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, or Burnaby, or in the Fraser Valley communities of Langley, Mission, Abbotsford, or Chilliwack, we can help.

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