What Do Residential Electricians Do?

Aluminum wiring issue at the electrical panelWhen you have an electrical problem and you call a residential electrician, you may be wondering what do electricians do exactly?

Electricity is integral to practically every part of our modern day lives. So much so, that if the power does go out, virtually everything comes to a stand still. In severe cases, you may be forced to live “off the grid” for a few days or even weeks!

In this post we’ll talk about what services electricians provide to homeowners such as:

  1. Trouble Shooting Electrical Problems
  2. Electrical Safety Inspections
  3. Electrical Repairs, Rewiring, and Wiring Upgrades
  4. Installations of Electrical Fixtures

Troubleshooting Electrical Problems

What do electricians do to find the source of the electrical problem?

When you have an electrical issue the cause of the problem may not always be evident. The first thing an electrician will do is assess the situation and troubleshoot the electrical problem.

Our Premium Electric journeyman electricians are highly skilled tradesmen with exhaustive training in:

  • How to plan and design electrical systems
  • How to inspect and maintain electrical components
  • How to troubleshoot to find the source of any electrical issues you may be having
  • Plus, how to repair or upgrade electrical components, or install electrical fixtures

It doesn’t take a knowledgeable electrician long to find the source of the problem and assess what measures need to be taken to restore power and ensure that all your electrical components are working properly.

Electrical Safety Inspections

What do electricians do during a safety inspection?

Along with troubleshooting electrical problems, electricians will also perform a basic electrical safety inspection. They will look at the source of power and trace the electricity’s path from the source to its destination. They can then address any issues they may find along the way.

If you are renovating or purchasing an older home, we also recommend that you have a whole house safety inspection done to ensure all your electrical components are installed properly and up to code.

Following a whole house safety inspection, you will be provided with a thorough assessment along with recommendations to fix any issues that were found.

Here are some common recommendations for upgrading the electrical systems in an older home:

  • Old aluminum or knob and tube wiring should be replaced with copper wiring
  • Upgrade an old fuse box to a modern circuit breaker panel
  • To accommodate our modern electrical needs, a 100-amp electrical panel could be upgraded to a 200-amp panel (the standard today for new home construction)
  • Hard wired CO alarms and smoke alarms should be installed
  • Child proof outlets are recommended for homes with small children
  • GFCI outlets are recommended for outlets located near water (bathroom, kitchens, garage, etc.)

Electrical Repairs, Rewiring & Upgrades

The type of electrical work that needs to be done will depend on what the electrician might find when troubleshooting. In most cases it can be just a simple electrical repair.

Should the electrician find unsafe electrical systems like old knob and tube wiring, aluminum wiring, or wiring that may be damaged or compromised in any way, they may suggest rewiring or wiring upgrades to bring your home up to code.

They may also find other issues that would need to be addressed such as:

Electrical Installations

What do electricians do for electrical installations?

Most home electrical components require only 110 volts. However, modern appliances like your clothes dryer, electric stove, or hot tub would need 220-volt power.

Prior to installing any electrical fixtures, your electrician would first assess the power source to ensure your electrical system is up to code and sufficient to power the new installations.

To ensure complete home electrical safety, we always recommend that you hire a professional electrician for all electrical installations including, among others:

  • Indoor light switch replacement, lighting fixtures, and dimmer switches
  • Outdoor light fixtures and security camera wiring and sensors
  • Lighting design
  • Ceiling fans, exhaust fans, and hood fans
  • Child proof outlets, GFCI outlets, and outdoor outlet protection
  • CO alarms and smoke alarms
  • Generators and generator transfer switches
  • Hot tub installations

Here is BCIT’s overview of what services electricians provide.

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