Why Canada is Phasing Out Incandescent Light Bulbs

Why did Canada implement the incandescent light bulb phase out is a question that our Abbotsford electricians seem to hear quite often.

Our Canadian Government is committed to finding efficient, more cost-effective ways for reducing environmental impact. Phasing out incandescent light bulbs (as of 2014) and setting new standards to improve light bulb efficiency is just one of the initiatives they have adopted.

The Canadian Government is encouraging the use of energy-efficient light bulbs (like LED lights) that help to reduce the demand for energy, which also helps to reduce greenhouse emissions. See our post on the Myths & Truths on LED vs Incandescent Lights.

Incandescent Light Bulb Phase Out Facts

Incandescent light bulbs have been around for over 140 years, since 1880, so why are they phasing out incandescent light bulbs?

There are a number of issues with incandescent light bulbs that have prompted the call to have them permanently banned. Incandescent light bulbs…

Are Inefficient

It requires a lot more electricity to power incandescent light bulbs and only 10% of the electricity is converted into light; the other 90% is lost to heat.

Don’t Last As Long

In most cases, incandescent light bulbs usually burn out within 1,000 hours of use. They often need to be replaced within a year.

Are Not Economical

While the initial cost is less, because they need to be replaced more often it usually ends up costing more in the long run. And, since incandescent lights require a lot more electricity to operate, it is a waste of valuable energy.

Premium Electric Recommends LED Lights

Like Canada, many countries around the world are also committed to incandescent light bulb phase out initiative and switching to more energy-efficient light sources like LED lights (Light Emitting Diode lamps).

LED lights are designed to do what light bulbs are supposed to do…produce light, not heat. LED lights:

  1. Have a much longer shelf life
  2. Use a lot less energy
  3. Emit very little heat
  4. And they do NOT contain any Mercury

LED lights are also ideal for outdoor security lights.

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