Protecting Your Kids – 10 Electrical Safety Tips for Homeowners

Baby-Proofing Your Home

In this post, we want to share some electrical safety tips for homeowners to help protect you and your family.

If you have young children at home, most likely you started electric baby proofing your home quite early. However, as your children start to get older, have you thought about how to teach your children about electrical safety and how to avoid potentially hazardous situations?

Our Abbotsford electricians here at Premium Electric would like to share these 10 electrical safety tips for homeowners. We believe that every parent (and any homeowner with young children) should not only be aware of these electrical safety tips but also teach them to their children.

1. Always look up for power lines before climbing a tree.

At some point, you’ve probably seen BC Hydro tree trimming and pruning near power lines. Let your children know that when electrical wires are touching a tree they can be very dangerous. If you see a tree within 3 meters (10ft) of a power line you can call 1 800 BCHYDRO (1 800 224 9376).

2. Never yank on an electrical cord.

Teach your children to hold the cord near the plug before pulling the cord out. Yanking on electrical cords, the outlet, or even the appliance that is plugged in can cause damage and can be very dangerous if the yanking causes bare electrical wires to be exposed. See our post on Extension Cord Safety.

3. Remind family members if you are working outside with electricity.

Anytime anyone uses a ladder, chainsaw, or other outdoor electrical tools, it’s best to make everyone within the household aware of any possible electrical hazards.

4. Never climb a fence at an electrical substation.

If there is an electrical substation near your home it is important to teach your children never to climb the substation fence. If they lose a ball or toy behind the substation fence you will need to call the power company to have the toys retrieved.

5. Cap unused electric outlets or install childproof outlets.

Safety caps or plugs for unused power outlets (both inside and outside) can deter young children from putting items into an outlet. This can also help lower energy bills by blocking out the cold. You may also consider installing childproof outlets, which are tamper-resistant.

6. Keep electrical devices away from water.

Teach your children that water conducts electricity. Many electrical accidents occur by using electrical devices too close to water. This can include a tablet or phone plugged into its charger as well as hair appliances commonly plugged into bathroom outlets.

7. Keep kites away from power lines and sub-stations.

Educate your children on the dangers of flying kites near power lines or electrical power stations. Tell them to exercise extreme caution when kite flying since it is possible for kite string to conduct electricity and send it through a person and into the ground.

8. Always ask an adult for help when using an electronic device.

Depending on a child’s age and independence, let them know that they should first ask for help before using any sort of electronic device.

9. Don’t plug too many devices into one outlet.

The danger of plugging in too many devices is that the outlet can become overloaded, which can cause a fire. See our other blog article on, “5 Reasons Why An Electrical Outlet May Not Be Working.” You can also find more information on this topic on BC Hydro’s page entitled, “At Home Electrical Safety Tips.”

10. Neatly put away electrical cords when you’re done.

You can set an example by putting away electrical cords when they are not being used and teaching your children the importance of doing the same. When unused electrical cords are left lying around they can be a tripping hazard. Plus, many family pets will often chew and damage electrical cords, exposing the wires and making them a fire hazard.

11. Bonus Tip – Teach your children about Co2 and Smoke Alarms

Every floor in your home should have Co2 and Smoke Alarms installed. Be sure to teach your children about them and instruct them on what to do should either alarm go off.

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