7 Reasons Why the Breaker Keeps Tripping

If the breaker keeps tripping in your home or at your business, it may be a sign that the electrical load is too high on the circuit breaker.

If each time you reset it you end up with a tripped circuit breaker, immediately stop trying to reset it. Resetting electrical breakers that continually trip could potentially cause a fire.

Your best defence against tripping electrical breakers is to leave them turned off and call an electrician as soon as possible to investigate the source of the problem. Your electrician will be able to assess whether you need the circuit breaker replaced or if you might need an electrical panel upgrade.

Breaker Keeps Tripping & Causes a Fire

If the circumstances escalate to the point where the breaker keeps tripping and causes a fire, leave the premises immediately and call 911 for the fire department. Do NOT attempt to douse any electrical flames with water! Water can aggravate the situation and actually cause an electrical fire to spread.

Below, our Abbotsford electricians at Premium Electric discuss seven early warning signs to watch out for whenever you experience a tripping electrical breaker problem.

1. Lights That Constantly Flicker

Flicking lights may be the result of poor electrical ground or an overloaded circuit breaker.

2. Outlets and Faceplates Are Warm to the Touch

Warm outlets can indicate that there is an issue with power being supplied to the circuit, causing the outlet to overheat and feel warm to the touch.

3. Extension Cords with Loose or Damaged Ends

Aside from being the reason why your breaker keeps tripping, a damaged extension cord could also cause sparks and possibly start a fire.

4. Electrical Outlets that Move When You Plug in a Device

The outlet could be damaged or broken and should not be used as it may cause sparks that could lead to a fire.

5. Slowly Wobbling Ceiling Fans

Sometimes, if there is insufficient power to the ceiling fan, it can cause the fan to wobble.

Please give us a call at 1-604-308-6195 if you are not sure how to properly install your ceiling fan. Our Abbotsford electricians do offer ceiling fan installations as part of our electrical services. We’re quick and affordable!

6. GFCI Outlets That Repeatedly Trip

A tripping GFCI outlet could indicate possible damage or perhaps the outlet is on a circuit that is being overloaded. Learn more about GFCI outlets and how these can promote electrical safety for kids.

7. Older Fridges That Shock When Touched

This is likely caused by poor grounding in the appliance, or in the electrical circuit. Hire a qualified electrician immediately to assess and fix the problem.

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You can read more  on this topic in the BC Safety Authority Guide on Electrical Safety for Homeowners.

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