5 Things You Need to Do in Electrical Emergencies

What to Do If You Smell Burning or See Smoke

Everyone may have different ideas about what constitutes electrical emergencies. While having no power or lights might be an inconvenience for some, electrical emergencies such as damaged wires or an electrical fire will generally involve either the smell of something burning or visible smoke or fire.

If You Suspect There Is An Electrical Fire Call 911 Immediately

While there are many causes of electrical emergencies, there are some very specific actions you can take to remediate the situation if there is an electrical burning smell or you see smoke.

What to Do In Electrical Emergencies

Here are five things you can do if there is a fire or smoke coming from an outlet, an electrical panel, or an electronic device. In the event of electrical emergencies, follow these steps to begin securing the situation.

  1. If there is smoke coming from an outlet or you smell burnt wiring, turn off the breaker that supplies that outlet.
  2. If smoke is coming from an electrical device or you smell burnt wiring, unplug the device if it is safe to do so, or turn off the breaker that supplies electricity for that device.
  3. If the electrical panel in your home has smoke coming out of it or smells like burnt wiring, turn off the main circuit breaker to your house.
  4. If there are flames coming from an electrical device, an outlet, or an electrical panel, switch off the main breaker in the panel only if it is safe to do so!
  5. In case of fire in any of the above situations, evacuate the premises immediately and call 911 to contact the Fire Department.

All of these conditions would be considered electrical emergencies. Should any of these happen to you, call our Abbotsford certified electricians and have a thorough electrical safety inspection done.

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If you are located anywhere within the Fraser Valley and have an electrical emergency, contact Premium Electric at 1-604-308-6195 or send us an email and explain your situation and one of our certified electricians will be able to help you.

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