Do you suspect you might need a home electrical upgrade? Can you think of the last time you updated or repaired anything to do with your home’s electrical system?

Unless a fuse trips we often don’t think to think too much about how we can keep our home electrical systems updated and healthy. Updating your electrical system plays an essential role in home maintenance. Having an updated electrical system means you and your family can feel safe.

Did you know?

  • One of the biggest causes of house fires is faulty or outdated wiring.
  • Your chances of electrocution increase when interacting with a malfunctioning electrical system.
  • Faulty wiring could cause significant loss in your appliance’s lifespan.

Time for a Home Electrical Upgrade – What Are the Signs

You’re Constantly Tripping The Breaker 

Does it feel like your always making a trip to your home’s electrical panel? This is a sign that you’re not supplying an adequate amount of power to your home.

You’re Continually Blowing a Fuse

If fuses are constantly being blown in your home, this is a sure sign that you need to update your electrical system ASAP.

The Lights in Your Home Dim or Flicker

Perhaps your house is haunted– or perhaps you need to get your electrical system updated. We can help with the latter.

Discoloured or Ungrounded Outlets

If you notice a yellowing to your outlet, this is a sign that your outlet could start to spark and should be replaced immediately. If you have outlets in your home that are uncovered or damaged, this too should be taken seriously and be replaces ASAP. Learn More

Lack of GCFI Outlets in Rooms with Moisture

You’ve probably used and seen a ground fault circuit interrupter (GCFI) outlet without knowing the name for it. GCFI outlets can be found in most bathrooms or kitchens. Learn More.

4 Reasons Why NOT Do Home Electrical Upgrades Yourself

  1. You increase your chances of faulty wiring
  2. You put yourself at risk of electrocution
  3. You put your home at risk for fires
  4. You’re potentially damaging your appliances

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