Are you building a home in Vancouver? You might not have thought about your electrical setup as much as you’ve thought about your blueprints, paint colour, or flooring, but how you wire your home will have an on effect on the way you live.

Have you considered where in each room you’ll be placing an outlet? Have you thought about what kind of light switches you’ll be using– or what kind of wiring you’ll need? At Premium Electric, we want everyone building a home in Vancouver to get the job done right, which is why we compiled these tips for everyone who might need a pointer or two.

1. Understand What Kind of Wiring Your Home Needs

There are 3 kinds of wiring systems:

  • Lead sheathed wiring
  • Surface Conduit wiring
  • Concealed Conduit wiring

Lead sheathed wiring: This type of wiring uses insulated wiring which is made of a lead-aluminum alloy that is about %95 lead, which protects the wiring from many forms of potential damage.

Surface conduit wiring: This kind of wiring is on the surface as opposed to Concealed wiring. The wires may run through metal conduits or PVC tubing or cleated on wooden battens.

Concealed Conduit Wiring: Probably the most common use of wiring, the concealment of the wires makes it easy to protect them from various forms of damage. It is also the most visually appealing.

Be sure to ask your electrician which kind of wiring will work best for the home you’re building.

2. Plan the Layout of Your Outlets

Take a good look at the layout of your home. Where do you imagine all of your appliances? Where are the optimal locations for your lights? Give your electrician a call! They would be more than happy to help you plan your outlets– they definitely have some pointers for you to optimize your outlet placements.

3. Determine How Much Power You’ll Need

Are you a minimalist when it comes to technology? If you enjoy your entertainment systems, you might want to look into ensuring that you have a large source of power. If you don’t think you’ll be needing all of the electricity,  opt for a smaller power system. If you’re not sure how much power is right for you, ask your electrician!

4. Consider Energy Efficiency

Ask your electrician about energy-saving Energy Management Systems (EMS). These days EMSs can be very accessible so you can easily determine how much energy your appliances are using.

And why not? Most home-owners or those building a home in Vancouver are switching to alternative and more efficient Energy Management Systems.

5. Consider Alternative Light Switches

If you’ve always dreamed about having a nice dimming light or being able to control lighting from your phone– let us (your electricians) know! These are all a possibility and it’s best we know ahead of time whether you’re heading in that direction.

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